About the Grey Area

© Sharon Leigh

The digitized world we are living in right now is fast-changing, rapidly adapting, highly disruptive. We need methods to deal with that. Too often we choose extremism as a method. Right – Wrong. High – Low. Black – White. And the ball shoots from pole to pole and over the interphases of these spectrums like a pinball. 

How can we avoid that? One quickly made assumption is that we can solve it like this: try getting comfortable meeting in the middle, in the grey. Well, that could be one way. The color grey after all is a combination of black and white. From each side of the poles somebody makes a step towards the middle. We take our two backgrounds and mix them together.

But what about all the other dimensions that form the playing field? The problem with the colors black and white is that, technically, they aren’t even colors at all. They are merely our perception of the absence or presence of light. But there is another way to come to the same result: Grey can also be created by equally aggregating the primary colors blue, green and red. The Grey Area can be the result of the combination of rich colours!

This is what this online magazine should be, for you and for us. We actively want to bring in colours, not just lighten the place up! We want to create the space, where ideas from other dimensions are included, where thoughts outside of the black and white realm find a touchpoint with the spectrum. We want to explore possibilities how our society can be a better one when we don’t fight the unknown but embrace it with open arms and a curious mind. It is an offer to think differently. It’s an offer for different views, opinions and insights so that the “One Size Fits All” story of technology becomes a range of various stories that show us the immense beauty of digitalization.